Some of the crossbows (Fifty bows as of this date) built with Surefoot-Fellwalker Boltwrights, the company I founded with Richard Surefoot

The 15th Century style war bow I built for Pentathlon

It has a 110 lb draw for 1430 inch pounds, and fires 20" long ash bolts with machined bodkin tips. The wooden nut pictured was replaced by a copy machined out of stainless steel (thanks Robi!) before shooting in a tourney

An eBay find.... a VERY old Iolo crossbow, which I refurbished

My siege crossbow (aka "The Bow From Hell"), here being operated by Mikial Marinelock during Baron Otto's Siege Tourney at Estrella '99 (it took First Place in the ballista division and second overall in the tourney)
My combat halfbow/rampart crossbow, being used by Sir Padraic at the last West/Caid War. He's 12 inches taller than me so it looks a bit bigger when I use it! :-)

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