09/21/03 A message to our customers:

Due to serious illness and hospitalization amoung our staff and immediate family we have been unable to work on orders at the pace we normally expect. We are relieved to report that everyone is back home (again), but have had to accept that Max may continue to be subject to repeated hospitalizations until her doctors can successfully treat her apparent Andromeda Strain series of infections (more on this than you ever wanted to know). If you are expecting a crossbow or other shipment and received an estimated completion date that has passed, please plan on it being delayed as we catch up.

ALL bows currently on order will be completed.

We will not accept any new orders at this time.

Due to problems with our original waiting list format we can no longer offer that courtesy. If you'd like to be alerted when stock bows become available, please subscribe to our email announcement waiting list. All stock bows will be announced on our waiting list BEFORE they are offered on the website, and will be available on a first response basis. As you can see from the work list below, a number of different bow styles, woods and draw weights will be available as stock offerings. Bolt kit and prod availability will also be posted on the waiting list.

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NO NEW ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME If you wish to be alerted when we are able to start a new custom project, please subscribe to the waiting list. We will let the list know when we are able to begin working on custom orders; and how many we can accept at that time. DO NOT send a deposit until we notify you and confirm that we can accept a new order.

Pending Projects
Customer Order Date Bow Ordered Status Completion Date
#1 M. Costello 02/13/02 Cherry St. Sebastian 600 ip Shipped 12/02
#2 M. Costello 02/13/02 Maple St. Sebastian 600 ip Shipped 12/02
#3 V. Maher 02/05/02 Walnut Italian 600 ip Shipped 01/03
#4 S. Sampson 03/28/02 Maple St Sebastian 600 ip Shipped 8/03
#5 L. Brazitis 05/31/02 Walnut w/bow irons 1000 ip Delivered STOCK
#6 P. Colato 08/02 Walnut Italian 1000 ip stock & prod cut  
#7 STOCK   Maple Flemish 840ip stock & prod cut  
#8 STOCK   Maple Flemish 840ip stock & prod cut  
#9 STOCK   Maple St. Sebastian 600 ip stock & prod cut  
#10 STOCK   Walnut Italian w/bow irons 1000 ip stock & prod cut  
#11 Personal   Curly Maple w/bow irons 1000 ip stock & prod cut  

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