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Wings 18k In July of 1989 one of my roommates (I was living in a large house with several other artists, most of whom are still active in the comics industry) came home with the newest issue of a really great, weird comic book. Sandman, Issue #8, the issue that introduces Dream's big sister, Death. "Hey! You been hanging around with Mike Dringenberg?" he says. Well, no (even though I met him before he started wearing those black Ninja shoes)...and as it turned out (on reading it), the cover looked a heck of a lot more like me than the interior (My nose will never be that perky, and I'll never share the real model's affinity for body piercing and anorexia). Regardless, it left me with an affinity for the character I certainly wouldn't have had if she'd been a tall, stacked blonde.
I don't think anyone actually asked me for a convention sketch of her until the following year (I do a few Comic Book and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cons every year...sit in the Artist's Alley, sell prints, talk until my voice squeaks, do a few sketchs so I can eat).....Did a few sketches and immediately I got pegged as "That girl who does the "Death" paintings." Well, there are WORSE things in life. For a few years I've done a big Death painting for the San Diego Comic Convention's Benefit Auction (where people have paid anywhere from $200 to $1400 for one of them.. 100% of the proceeds going to the conventions Handicapped Services) One year I did "The Crow" instead, just for some variety. (When I showed up at the Con' and they asked me when I'd have my Death piece finished, I figured it was a good idea) I was also going to do a Tori Amos, but my hotel room had a freak flood the only affected the one corner I had the Illustration board standing in. Still haven't gotten around to doing it. Door 12k
Death1 15k The two Black and White pieces here are from ComicCon paintings. The small blue/white one is a preliminary sketch for the one I did that year (the sketch was sold recently for $20, I believe the big one went for $200). The green ones are others I did for various cons and artshows. The one with birds is, well, me (I just don't tan, y'know).

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