In late 1994, during the height of my "Fill my hard drive by downloading alot of useless junk from the Internet" phase, I made an astounding discovery. Realmz.

I don't even remember, at this point, where I found it, although I eventually started downloading the updates and scenarios from AOL (to get 'em as soon as they came out ;-).

There was only one problem. I couldn't play the scenarios unless I registered the game engine. I couldn't register the game engine because I'm a starving artist single Housemom. (Okay, okay, that's TWO problems...or maybe more, but that's between me and the District Attorney).

"Dear Mr. Phillips," says I, "Could you use some new art for your game?", with visions of registration (knowing most publishers comp the artist) dancing in my head.

The rest, as they say, is History.

Congratulations, Tim...for making Realmz the MacUser Best Shareware game of 1995!

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Artwork ©1995-2001 Max S Fellwalker. Realmz and the Realmz logo ©1994-2001 Tim Phillips