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Fellwalker Boltwrights online store is under renovation... Please check back with us this September for new bows, new merch, a reenactors and historians book catalog (including UK and European publications) and new combat and marshaling gear.

Fellwalker Boltwrights builds Medieval and Renaissance style crossbows for historical reenactment combat games, such as those practiced by the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc..

Fellwalker Boltwrights is M Fellwalker and Family (Her Ladyship Morgan Fellwalker and m'ladies Arafel and Luthen Arbaletrier in the SCA).

All bows feature a hardwood tiller with hand rubbed finish, locking pin release mechanism with brass trigger, aluminum alloy prod with rawhide cover, waxed linen bindings, and stock bows are available in draw weights from 600-1000 inch pounds (approx. 9 lbs per inch of draw) Other poundages can be built by request.

All bows in this line have a 1 1/4" wide bolt channel to accomodate golftube or Siloflex shafted bolts, or Fellwalker style APD fiberglass crossbow bolts. They do not fire target, hunting or bolts designed only for safe use in "light" (under 600 inch pounds) reenactment bows. ( Please see our target crossbows, here)

A kit containing a choice of 1) pre-cut parts for 1 dozen Fellwalker APD bolts; or 2) pre-cut parts for 1 dozen Omarad tipped Siloflex bolts, comes with each bow purchase. Bolt kits may also be purchased seperately

Arrow and Thrust and Throw Siloflex javelin kits are also in development

Details, Options and Ordering

There are currently no bows in stock; we are scheduled until early 2007 on custom orders.

-An important message about new or pending orders -

Bolt and Arrow kits are currently OUT OF STOCK while waiting for new shop equipment and will post as soon as new kits are available. (07/04/06)

Cavalry bow

Cavalry Crossbow

We're sorry, but the Cavalry design has been retired. Please watch for NEW crossbow designs for the 2005 war season!

Italian bow

Italian Crossbow

Flemish Arbalest

Flemish Arbalest

St Sebastian bow

The St. Sebastian Crossbow

New Products!

Marshals, got your eye protection? Eyewear and other marshaling supplies

Golftubes, by the case

On the Field Personal Hydration supplies Sanitary Hydration supplies for personal or "team" use! No more bottle boogers from sharing the same tube with the other 500 people on the field!

NEW! Bookstore Military, History and archery specific books are now available, including ones not available in the U.S. Some out of print or rare books, and pre-orders on new books may also become available suddenly in single or limited quantities, so please check back

Bow-cake Photos!

Sureshot bows on the field


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