RoseCrush 69k Max Fellwalker is a California based Fine Artist and Illustrator. Her clients have included Eclipse Books, DC Comics, Strawberry Jam Comics, Grunge Comics, The National Organization for Women, Domestic Violence (The Band), Access Denied (The Band), Malibu Graphics (she illustrated the covers for the original "Men In Black" miniseries, amoung others), White Wolf Games, Fantasoft LLC, Wizards of The Coast, and Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). Her paintings and prints are in private collections worldwide.

While she at one time majored in Illustration at (Name Withheld) College in San Fransisco, she gave up pursuit of a BFA (Big F-ing Attitude) when the Substitute-Interim-temporary-Illustration Director told her she couldn't draw (Note: she'd been a working illustrator for 8 years prior to this revelation).

This leaves her with a shelf full of Watson Guptill art books and the ability to claim she's "Self Taught".

Her projects have included illustrations for Wizards of The Coast's "Vampire - The Eternal Struggle - Dark Sovereigns" card set and graphics for the popular Macintosh Shareware game "Realmz" and it's scenario modules. She also contributed to the "V-TES: Darkness Unveiled" Player's Guide, from Wizards of The Coast; and the "Ancient Hearts" and "Sabbat" expansion sets. This allowed her to continue a series of "Vampyre" theme paintings, which in the past have appeared in the White Wolf Publishing books "Vampire-The Masquerade" 2nd Edition Players Guide, and "The Anarch Cookbook: A Friendly Guide to Vampire Politics" (Vampire The Masquerade Sourcebook). She also collaborated on cards for WOTC's NetRunner game.

and on (AEG) Alderac Entertainment Group's discontinued CCGs, Warlord: Saga of The Storm and 7th Sea.

Other CCG paintings

Visions of Death

Realmz Sketchbook

More WOTC CCG art

You can contact Max via email at
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