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Per fess wavy SA and barry wavy AR and AZ, a mermaid erect to dexter PR, armored and maintaining a crossbow AR

Being the webpage of
THL Morgan the Fellwalker,
Lady High Admiral of the Royal Crescent Navy of Caid and Captain of Her flagship the Crescent; Commander of Archers in Caid's Royal Army; Boltwright, Painter, and Engineer of War.

Morgan is a 15th Century balestriere (crossbow soldier) and sometime seafarer currently residing in the Barony of Dreiburgen in the Kingdom of Caid, a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc..

Prior to finding her way to the Known World, she pursued the art of war as a condottiere under the command of Francesco Sforza in Genoa and Milan, there also learning the craft of crossbow construction.

Morgan's real world alter-ego, Max S Fellwalker, is a fine artist and illustrator living in Southern California, USA. She is also co-owner of Surefoot-Fellwalker Boltwrights, which recreates Medieval and Renaissance crossbows for use in SCA combat.

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